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Lewt Ftw Expectations

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Lewt Ftw Expectations
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Lewt Ftw is an adult guild with most members above the age of 18

We are an English speaking guild and there for communication is always done in English be that on guild chat or on voice, we do have members from all over the world that have a different primary language, that’s fine but if you wish to speak it please do so in a private channel or take it to whisper.

While you have <Lewt Ftw> above your head you are expected to act mature in guild chat on the forums or in game, Spamming trade with nonsense is one of the fastest ways to get your self removed from the guild.

All members regardless of rank are expected to show respect to one another at all times, remember we are all part of the same team, offering suggestions or help to other guild members is more than welcome but at the right time and in a polite way, telling some one that they are an idiot because they did this or didn’t do that really isn’t helpful.

While raiding you are expected to listen to the raid leader and not argue, if you have a suggestion or question regarding the next trash pull or boss fight, grate you are more than welcome to ask, but at the appropriate time not while we are in combat. If you are unsure about something we encourage you to speak up and say we would much rather spend an extra few minutes explaining than wiping because some one didn’t fully understand there role.

If you need to go afk during a raid mention it to the raid leader, Wiping because one person failed to mention that they needed to go afk wont score you to many points with your fellow guild mates. We understand that everyone may need to afk at certain times for a drink or bio etc and we will have scheduled stops . Should you need to afk constantly It may be decided that you should be replaced.

You are expected to be able to wipe on new boss's with out going emo, Disconnecting, being ill , or any other excuse/reason why you cant make a raid during a new encounter will be noted, Should we see some sort of pattern over time, we may feel the need to recruit some one else of your class or even remove you from the guild.

Epic's - If you play solely for purples then don’t even bother applying, During your trial period you will not receive loot unless it is not needed by any member and at risk of being disenchanted. All drops during raids that do not benefit a character in the raid will be ither sold or disenchanted and the proceeds send to the guild bank. On a side note we use a zero sum dkp system- are loot system is not up for debate if you don’t like it, don’t apply.

All members of Lewt Ftw are expected to put maximum amount of effort into there character outside of raids, Waiting for that epic raid drop rather than doing heroics for an upgrade not quite as big is not acceptable. All of your gear should be gemed and enchanted with the best of each available. You are expected to be on your main and not your alt while there are still items of upgrades available out side of raids.

You are expected to have sufficient funds to repair and buy the best consumables available, not getting an extra 5 spell power because of a 10 gold extra cost isn’t an excuse, This is in no way what so ever negotiable.

We are a PvE guild and your gear choice, Gems enchants and talent spec should be solely based on a PvE.

Everyone is expected to have installed and use basic add-ons and voice communication programs such as , you will find everything listed in are members forums should you be accepted.

Attendance is of up most importance, you are expected to attend as many raids as possible
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